You can't be remarkable just once.

Questions honor the imagination.

We value curiosity! We believe there is something deep in the mind and heart of every human and we educate in a way that brings those messages out in a remarkable way.

Discover. Create. Optimize.

Dreamosity is a social media training and advertising agency. We focus on the dream of the industry and the needs of the audience. We develop visual leaders. For example, what is your signature graphic? How do people interact with your product? Does your process lead them to discover the solution? Dreamosity offers 3 main ways to support you!

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Social Media Training

We value a hands on and blended learning approach. The Discovery Deck is a tool we created to empower people to get comfortable with all the moving elements of Developing Digital You

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Celebrating remarkable leaders and defining visual leadership...

I'm on a mission to solve something... to learn from those wiser than me... to inspires others to create content that is pivotal to those who find it. 

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Listen. Design. Lead.

Dreamosity supports & encourages the dreams of individuals, companies, communities, and industries by developing digital leaders through remarkable conversations and compelling campaigns.

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  • Data behind our dreams!

    One of my big realizations in my career is that if I look at the data with curiosity, openness, and possibility, the dream somehow comes alive. I actually hired a hypnotherapist once to re-pattern my brain to “Love the numbers” and since I’ve embraced the digits, good things continue to happen.

Number lovin' good!

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See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

Marcelle is incredibly talented, intelligent and enthusiastic marketer for both her clients and mine. I have the unique opportunity to work with her as a business partner of sorts and my clients absolutely love her. She's passionate, professional and drives results through her Social Media trainings and coaching.

Brian Trendler
Brian Trendler We Fix Ugly Design

Working with Marcelle was fantastic! She always had new insights and thoughts into our Marketing and came up with creative and innovative ways to help the company grow their brand. She is an enthusiastic go-getter who was also fun to work with, and I highly recommend collaborating with her

Justin Brault Mark J Kohler, LLC

Frequently asked questions

  • q-iconHow long have you been doing this?

    I’ve been in the social media game for 7 years! I was an active member on Facebook since it first launched my senior year at WWU. I’ve developed a Discovery Deck, an audience Matrix which helps people understand different strategies are used at different points in the game (See image below)!

  • q-iconWhat sets you apart from the other social media consultants?

    I’m currently better defining ‘visual leadership’ and I feel that visual skills and big heart to help communities sets me a part. I look at industries with a 12,000′ view and have a big picture of dozens of industries. I’m clever, resourceful, and can easily help you stay remarkable online.

  • q-iconDo I need a website to work with you?

    I highly recommend all my clients have a website. If I’m going to help you rank your videos, blog posts, and sales pages, this is the best way I know how.

  • q-iconWhy social media?

    We live in an amazing time in history! I love connecting with people, ideas, and communities. We live in a connection economy and I simply want to live a good life helping others achieve their dreams and in the process of that I get to learn a ton and that’s a total gift.

Coming soon!

Coming in Winter of 2018! Marcelle Allen's new book on the top 21 visuals all leaders should consider when developing a community and brand online. You probably already have 3-7 of these remarkable tools for the visual web and getting all 21 will help you optimize and advance your vision.

21 Visuals to Leverage

Recently I shared the 21 Visuals to Leverage for Social Media Success! It's a little long, 30 minutes, but will be well worth your time. Watch today or bookmark this page for viewing.

Remarkable Leadership

Between the content creator and the thought leader lives the visual leader! 

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