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"In our one on one coaching during the Discovery Session Marcelle provided me with great social media strategies that I can implement that will cause my business and audience to grow exponentially. As an Inspirational Speaker and Financial Educator I was able to experience her passion for educating.  In her coaching and presenting She was thorough, thoughtful and tailored the learning to my specific objectives.  I've used social media for years but Marcelle has shown me how to increase my reach, impact and profit.  I am excited about executing what I have learned.  Thank you Marcelle!

Christine Holmes

Working with Marcelle was fantastic! She always had new insights and thoughts into our Marketing and came up with creative and innovative ways to help the company grow their brand. She is an enthusiastic go-getter who was also fun to work with, and I highly recommend collaborating with her.

Justin Brault Mark J Kohler, LLC

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  • Learn more about Financial Joy

    There is data behind your dreams and understanding how your sales pipeline connects to your day to day calendar is essential.

  • My why is to help others build their dream!

    Understanding what’s required in your sales, social media, and marketing to develop the business of your dream brings JOY!

  • Re-Ignite your Presence with Video.

    Does your digital presence SERVE you or does it EXHAUST you? When your campaigns are humming it can be magical!

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