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    There is data behind your dreams and understanding how your sales pipeline connects to your day to day calendar is essential.

  • My why is to help others build their dream!

    Understanding what’s required in your sales, social media, and marketing to develop the business of your dream brings JOY!

  • Re-Ignite your Presence with Video.

    Does your digital presence SERVE you or does it EXHAUST you? When your campaigns are humming it can be magical!

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Clients that Rave about Dreamosity's Services

Marcelle is friendly, approachable and professional. During a consultation with me, she showed me how to properly advertise on Facebook, and to maximize my advertising budget. She even gave me some excellent tips for setting sales goals. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer Allanson Findlay
Jennifer Allanson Findlay

Marcelle is absolutely brilliant and I love the way her brain works! She has taught a couple workshops for us at InSpark Coworking and they are always organized and full of simple, actionable content. She is able to connect with everyone in the room because she speaks from the heart and with 100% organization - touching the left AND right brain! Marcelle is awesome!

Tracey Warren
Tracey Warren InSpark Coworking
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