Fun trainings, hands on, kinesthetic experience of complex concepts, visual demonstrations and more!

Join us for a fun and educational workshop so you can better develop your digital presence.

Get hands on!

The Discovery Deck is a great tool to literally pick and choose what you plan to create for future campaigns. It takes the tech out of it and brings the fun back in during the creative planning phase.

How to make Compelling Facebook and Instagram Stories

Developing Digital You with Instagram and Facebook Stories!

Have you noticed how well some brands are leveraging stories online? These mini-sequences of photos, videos, and other creatives are bringing brands great engagement and new connections.

I was very annoyed and skeptical at first and then I saw someone doing it brilliantly. Have you seen them, too?

Join us for a creative workshop on learning about Stories and to create remarkable Stories for your audience.

- Learn how to make micro-content on the go
- Script out some brand-specific concepts for your zone of genius
- Learn what others find annoying & a word of caution
- Learn about Marcelle's 1st purchase SHE made via Stories
- Connect with other creatives in the area
- and much much more!

The class costs $35 to attend and payments can be made online to reserve your seat. Space is limited to 6 for this event as I want everyone to be able to get hands-on experience and creative insight.

Looking forward to seeing you! This is a remarkable way to connect with people and express your ideas.

Instagram for leaders

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Are you working on something great and want more people to know about it? Does your community have a hashtag strategy? Does your business require a larger digital footprint?

Bring your tough or even simple questions about the largest social mobile network.

Bring your smart phone and download the Instagram app if you haven't already.

We'll be showcasing 5 specific industry leaders & their Instagram pages and we'll show you how you can leverage these same strategies.

You'll learn 3 new mobile apps for creating remarkable content online. We'll even give you hands on instruction and feedback during this workshop. It's fun and empowering.

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