The path to the purchase

the path to purchasing | dreamosity

Several of the icons in the illustration above are likely familiar to you. We all know what a wesbite is, pictures and videos are super common these days but have you heard of anatograms or instructographics? A few years ago when I created the Discovery Deck, I wanted to put a name to the types…

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Wisdom Guide Wednesdays

What is the wisdom of your brand recently? What major insights did you have or minor ones? For the past 2 years, I’ve been developing Wisdom Guides for clients and I’m eager to inspire others to do the same for their brand.   It’s a real shame when I talk with a new client and…

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My LAF Tech graduation speech on stinky content

Does your content stink? How would you know? This playful speech was delivered to 12 humor seeking individuals at my LAF Tech graduation. 5 others humorists presented their best take on their industry and this is mine. Enjoy! Content people crave! Is your content stale? Boring? Stinky? There 7 key ingredients to any successful business…

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