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As a founder of an startup business, it is a daunting task to reach out into the world of social media marketing. One never knows if they are making the right choices and right decisions. It is a very comforting feeling to know that someone like Marcelle Allen has your back. When hiring Marcelle, one can rest assured that your social media message will be conveyed in an effective, professional and enlightening format.  Her dedication and connection to your brand will allow for nothing but growth and positive interactions within the social media realm.

Steve D'Amico, Broken Gear Wear


Berona Engineers

TAP Services

Earth's Gift

Danielle Martin

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"Marcelle does an excellent job presenting to groups. She is warm, funny, animated and informative. She makes learning social media fun. Our group loved her so much they’ve asked to have her come back!”

- Kalleen Henderson, Networking for Introverts


ITT Tech


Developing Digital You

LAF Tech

Praise from Dreamosity Presentations

Marcelle is a passionate speaker! She taught our students a lot of important stuff!

- Sherri S, ITT Tech

Clear and compelling! 

- Debbie B, D2 Toastmasters

Marcelle has the unique combination of creativity and discipline:  the creativity to develop inspiring messages and the discipline to deliver those messages effectively.  She is able to move from one to the other seamlessly.  I’m impressed with all she can do.

- Helen Rockey, See Kai Run