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  • 90 Minutes

    This jammed packed 40 element Discovery Deck Session will help you understand and leverage the elements of your next social media campaign.

  • Results Per Hour

    Let me show you the ways you can save more time and actually communicate to MORE people.

  • Global goals

    Exponential growth is easier than you may think. Are you ready for a major improvement?

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Praise for the Discovery Session

The 90 minute discovery session was definitely an eye opener! Marcelle made it easy and fun and I can see many ways to leverage my time through social  media. Her years of experience really shine through in the process and the way she presents the tips and tricks in a very simple easy to understand format are genius!

Kelli Wike
Kelli Wike Transformation Mission

“Wonderful, insightful, beautiful learning experience.”


"In our one on one coaching during the Discovery Session Marcelle provided me with great social media strategies that I can implement that will cause my business and audience to grow exponentially. As an Inspirational Speaker and Financial Educator I was able to experience her passion for educating.  In her coaching and presenting She was thorough, thoughtful and tailored the learning to my specific objectives.  I've used social media for years but Marcelle has shown me how to increase my reach, impact and profit.  I am excited about executing what I have learned.  Thank you Marcelle!

Christine Holmes
Christine Holmes

Frequently asked questions

  • q-iconWhat exactly will you cover?

    I will walk you through the Discovery Deck which has 40 elements of a social media marketing campaign. You’ll learn which strategies are required to solve different problems and which strategies have the best ROI.

  • q-iconCan we do this online?

    Yes! I can conduct these via webinar but if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, in person is best.

  • q-iconWhat's the point?

    While we’ve all been ON social media, we haven’t all profited from those activities. This Discovery Session is designed to help you understand where you can improve your social campaigns, save more time, and extend your reach.

  • q-iconWhat is the investment?

    Currently Discovery Sessions are $200.

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