The path to the purchase

the path to purchasing | dreamosity

Not all purchases are given much thought. When we have favorites places to shop, the buying is easy. When we venture out and discover new things, the buying process can be much more lengthy. This is an example of all the types of content people might consume before they purchase your product. As content creators, we can consider new types of visuals to educate the consumer.

Several of the icons in the illustration above are likely familiar to you.

We all know what a wesbite is, pictures and videos are super common these days but have you heard of anatograms or instructographics?

A few years ago when I created the Discovery Deck, I wanted to put a name to the types of content I was seeing on Pinterest. A photo with text is a Meme, a graphic with data is an infographic, but these two were different.

The anatogram takes a complex concept and simplifes it by poiniting out common attributes. These visuals are informative and we often learn quickly from seeing them. It was inspired by the word anatomy and telegram. It’s a single piece of content that breaks down very visual spots on a subject. What complex ideas could you simplify for others?

Think about your core subject. Sketch connecting points around it almost like a mind map of your subject. The coolest anatogram I’ve seen recently was a page in a magazine all about Bill Gates. It has a nice headshot of Bill surrounded by key statistics on his company, networth, education, and other interest details that gave you a clear and quick view of who this man is. Dozen of books could be written about him, but this one page made his life come to life. What do you want to make come to life?

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